April 2017

Confessions of a bid manager: 8 tips for more effective bid-writing

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We get to see a lot of bids within BravoSolution, not only in our work supporting buyers, but also as bidders – competing for business with potential new customers in both public and private sectors.

The vast majority of formal bid processes that we take part in are reassuringly well-planned and managed, with associated documents (or […]

The Time Has Come To Embrace Sourcing Optimisation

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Sourcing as a process sits right at the heart of procurement strategy, activity, and success. Taking a requirement to the market, choosing the right supplier or suppliers, and putting an appropriate contract in place is arguably the central element of what we generally call “procurement”.

Technology has played a role in sourcing for at least twenty […]

March 2017

Innovative Data Leveraging for Procurement Success

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Many purchasing executives are looking to drive procurement transformation that rely on three major shifts:

their level of stakeholder engagement
their ability to align with the overall business strategy
their use of advanced tools and technologies


Do you know what you want from your data?

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In the information age, data is everything. With our ability to store swathes of that binary gold, and to pull it from scores of different sources, we have access to more information than ever before. What’s more, by using analytical tools, we can blend datasets and create rich insights that were previously impossible to do […]

Painting Procurement: The Importance of Sharing Data with your Stakeholders

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Would you plan to spruce up your home without consulting your significant other? As someone who has spent most weekends of the past two months painting our flat, it would have been a disaster waiting to happen if we hadn’t had a discussion before getting the rollers out.

This alignment of goals was a several stage […]

Procurement Technology – Making the Right Choices

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Buying procurement technology these days is a complicated business. With ever more niche vendors entering the market and established providers offering increasingly sophisticated solutions, differentiating on face value alone can be as clear as mud. […]

February 2017

Dynamic Purchasing Systems Vs. Frameworks: The Differences and Benefits

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Historically, Public Sector buyers have made considerable use of Framework agreements to simplify their repeat procurements, enabling them to quickly and reliably procure from trusted sources without the need to run a full tender exercise. However, in fast moving service categories, a Framework can exclude SMEs and new entrants to a marketplace. For this reason, […]

Source to Pay – A Simple Question? Well, maybe…

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An old friend of mine is the acting Procurement Director for a pretty large and interesting organisation, whose business combines elements of services, retail and property management. He called me a few weeks ago and said “can you answer a simple question. Should we invest in a single source to pay technology platform, or develop […]

Achieving Strategic Procurement Alignment With The Board

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Is your procurement organisation strategically aligned with your board’s goals? Can you make it happen?

In this forthcoming Real World Procurement Series webinar (1 March, 2017), Craig Lardner FCIPS will explain how you can achieve strategic alignment for procurement with the board. And in just 3 pages.

With a procurement career spanning 35 years, roles including Head […]

January 2017

Leveraging Supplier Innovation

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Rob Handfield, PhD, NC State University

We hear the words “innovation” as a source for growth in the economy over and over again. New ideas on how to manage business processes, digital technologies, ways of delivering value to customers, and supply chain linkages are all areas where we are likely to see new forms of innovation occurring. But what will […]