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Andrea Brody joined BravoSolution in December 2014 as Senior Vice President, Global Marketing where she is responsible for BravoSolution’s global marketing and branding strategy. She brings over 25 years’ experience helping companies accelerate growth and build market share. Prior to joining BravoSolution, Andrea worked for several high-tech companies such as OpenText GXS, MERANT, and GE Information Services in the areas of marketing, sales, corporate development and product management. Andrea is a mentor and advisor for the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship and an alumni advisor for the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. She holds a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Maryland, College Park and an M.S. in Information Systems from American University, Washington DC.

July 2017

What Does Amazon’s Whole Foods Acquisition Mean for Retail Procurement?

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By Andrea Brody, chief marketing officer of BravoSolution

Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods Market for a whopping $13.7 billion sent shockwaves through the retail industry. In an era where online shopping is now the norm, traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are constantly forced to find new ways to stay relevant. This acquisition only adds to the pressure. And […]

June 2017

Procurement’s Newest Mandate: Mastering Data Governance

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By Andrea Brody, chief marketing officer of BravoSolution

Procurement teams today have access to more information and advanced analytics than ever before. Just think about how far we’ve come: we used to make supply chain decisions based on instinct and data captured in BASS (also known as big-ass spread sheets), but now, automation and real-time insights […]

March 2017

Unlocking Procurement Innovation Requires a Two-Pronged Approach

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High-performing CPOs focus on both driving the procurement function today and leading it into tomorrow. Tackling one objective without the other is short-sighted: strictly prioritizing traditional supply chain concerns — safety and accuracy, efficiency, risk mitigation, and lean principles — fails to set the strategic direction of the business, while striving to be innovative and […]

Designing a new product? Procurement Needs to be in the Room

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There are many factors to consider when designing a new product. What is the product trying to achieve? Is there a problem the product is trying to solve? How much will it cost? Who will use this product and in what capacity?

While procurement professionals may be synonymous with cutting costs, many organizations fail to recognize […]

February 2017

Supplier Engagement: The Key to a Sustainable Palm Oil Supply Chain

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Palm oil has been all over the news lately – and not just because of health concerns around the way it’s processed. The problem actually goes much deeper than that, all the way down to the depths of the supply chain. Recent reporting has shown that palm oil is often produced with slave and child […]

January 2017

Procurement talent: Working with HR to get the team you need

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The baby boomer generation is retiring. This isn’t news. We’ve been talking about the impending knowledge and skills gap in procurement for years now, trying to find ways to quickly and effectively replace outgoing talent with fresh faces that bring new insights and skill sets to the table.

An underused approach for accomplishing this, but one […]

Procurement Resolutions for 2017

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With a new year comes new opportunity for procurement to shine. There are plenty of ways to generate even more value for your organization in 2017, from more emphasis on nurturing best-in-class teams that are equipped to handle today’s ever-changing landscape, to better integration of all tools and processes to get business done better.

We’ve pulled […]

November 2016

Supply Chain Sustainability: Recent Commitments Highlight Procurement’s Critical Role

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Supply chain sustainability has dominated much of the news cycle these past few weeks. Take, for example, the following commitments from some of the worlds’ biggest brands:

Coca-Cola committed to ambitious sustainability goals promising to increase renewable energy, reduce packaging and double the number of employees taking part in related volunteering initiatives.
General Motors has […]

October 2016

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Recall: Lessons for Procurement and Supply Chain Teams

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Samsung’s recent recall of the Galaxy Note 7 calls to mind a few critical supply chain lessons. There’s a big push in the technology industry to roll out upgrades and launch new products as quickly as possible, but this rush in production and innovation can’t come at the expense of quality control.

In Samsung’s case, the […]

September 2016

Key Questions to Ask Your Procurement Provider Before Signing

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Selecting a procurement tool that meets your organization’s unique needs isn’t easy. Every provider has its own blend of technology, services and market expertise, so how can you be confident the one you choose will help you reach your core business objectives?

There are a few key requirements to consider when choosing a partner. Start by […]