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March 2017

Innovative Data Leveraging for Procurement Success

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Many purchasing executives are looking to drive procurement transformation that rely on three major shifts:

their level of stakeholder engagement
their ability to align with the overall business strategy
their use of advanced tools and technologies


January 2017

Leveraging Supplier Innovation

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Rob Handfield, PhD, NC State University

We hear the words “innovation” as a source for growth in the economy over and over again. New ideas on how to manage business processes, digital technologies, ways of delivering value to customers, and supply chain linkages are all areas where we are likely to see new forms of innovation occurring. But what will […]

October 2015

Risk Management in the Supply Chain: Reputational Risk

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In many organisations, procurement is beginning to see risk as one of their responsibilities, second only to savings. With Risk Management so high on procurement’s agenda, we’ve been taking a look at some differing types of risk and their impact on the organisations in question.
We start today with child labour issues and how they can […]

August 2015

Deutsche Post DHL Group Partners with BravoSolution to Create Fully Integrated eProcurement Ecosystem

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World’s leading postal and logistics services provider looks to BravoSolution to streamline sourcing operations worldwide.

CHICAGO – August 19, 2015: Deutsche Post DHL Group, the largest postal and logistics service provider in the world, has chosen BravoSolution, a leading strategic procurement company, as its partner in implementing a fully integrated eProcurement platform to connect and optimize […]

May 2015

The GCC Oil and Gas Industry: Maturation and Transformation

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Authored by Fayaz Haq and Henry Shepperd

Representing 30% of the global oil production and boasting some of the highest global per capita GDPs, it isn’t hard to quickly uncover what makes the six member state countries (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain) representing the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) so distinct. There […]

April 2015

Four Lessons Learned from March Madness

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By: Rick Long

Every year, March Madness brings out the best and the worst of the NCAA men’s basketball teams. The drive for each team to be the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champion is arduous and long. After the ‘play-in’ games, the first round of 64 teams battles in head-to-head competition to narrow the field to […]

Not All Spend and Suppliers Are Created Equal

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By Rick Long, Vice President at BravoSolution

“When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

Unfortunately, this common phrase is all too often representative of the approach taken by many so-called “strategic” sourcing organizations, where sourcing professionals go blindly into strategic sourcing exercises using the wrong tools or techniques for the situation.

In some […]

March 2015

Can You Imagine A Business Without Procurement?

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By: Mickey North Rizza

Can you imagine a business world without Procurement? Some of you say, “it is possible” and others are a firm, stubborn, “No.”

It’s possible to have a world without Procurement. In the future Procurement may be replaced by technology that predicts the right buyer/supplier relationships, selects the relationship, monitors the progress and outcomes, and resolves issues that might occur. In today’s world technology is starting to replace much of our everyday processes, both consumer and business processes. Think about it in terms of consumer – I now do my mortgage and banking online, with my computer or smart device vs. going to the bank, starting a relationship, opening an account and working directly with the banker to set up the mortgage. While my relationship is very important to the bank, the managing of it and customer service can all be done by technology with little touch by the bank and me.


Adoption: Asking the Right Questions

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By: John Ryan Shaw

Quantifying the value of project activities such as communications, training, coaching and building a sponsor network can be difficult.   Most professionals intuitively appreciate that these are valuable activities that can help make the implementation of a new process or tool more successful.

In practice though, many project leaders struggle to determine how important they are and when they should be allocating their limited budgets to those activities.  This is natural and understandable because the value of these activities varies from project to project.


February 2015

2015 is Easier to Navigate with Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Strategic Sourcing Application Suites

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By: Mickey North Rizza

As a 2015 present to businesses globally, Gartner has published their 2015 Magic Quadrant for Strategic Sourcing Application Suites.  The ‘MQ’ as it is affectionately known, is perfectly timed for executives to find, short list, evaluate and select their Strategic Sourcing Application Suite Technology Provider in early 2015.

In my previous role as Supply Chain Research Director with Gartner, I came to appreciate the time, dedication and sheer hard work that goes into producing the MQ.  Months of in-depth vendor interviews and product reviews coupled with endless customer references go into presenting an accurate map of industry leading vendors at that point in time.