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May 2017

Will Your Procurement Thrive in the Era of Real-Time Supply Chains?

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By Dr. Robert Handfield

We are at the beginning of a completely different era in the history of global trade: the era of the digitized real-time supply chain. In the 25 years I have been teaching students and conducting research in the field of supply chain management, I have never seen the degree of change evident […]

Can Source to Pay Be Adopted In A Skeptical Environment?

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Did you know you can manage your suppliers, contracts, invoices, and aligned procurement requirements on one platform?

Do you want to find out more about how source to pay can save you money by helping you make better decisions?

Many organizations still use outdated platforms that slow down the entire procurement process. These platforms usually run on […]

April 2017

How Can You Tell if Your Procurement Team is Customer Centric?

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Kelly Barner, Buyers Meeting Point, LLC

Traditionally, procurement works to deliver superior value to internal  stakeholder groups: including finance, operations, marketing, R&D, and the executive team. Many procurement teams have adopted a traditional ‘customer service’ model to guide their interaction and communication. While it is well-intentioned, using a customer service model with internal stakeholders limits procurement’s […]

February 2017

Achieving Strategic Procurement Alignment With The Board

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Is your procurement organisation strategically aligned with your board’s goals? Can you make it happen?

In this forthcoming Real World Procurement Series webinar (1 March, 2017), Craig Lardner FCIPS will explain how you can achieve strategic alignment for procurement with the board. And in just 3 pages.

With a procurement career spanning 35 years, roles including Head […]

December 2016

17 Planets of Value | Extended Q&A

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In our recent webinar Planets of Value: Procurement Creates New Wealth for Organisations, Craig Lardner FCIPS provided a review of 17 Planets of Value. Several questions were asked during the Q&A session, but we ran out of time to answer a number of additional good questions. We’d like to thank Craig Lardner FCIPS for taking the time to respond […]

November 2016

17 Planets of Value

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Our forthcoming Live webinar from Craig Lardner FCIPS will round out our series for 2016 in the APAC and MENA regions.

Based on years of procurement experience, Craig will provide a review of 17 planets of value in this webinar, Planets of Value: Creating New Wealth for Organisations.

His review of the 17 planets of value will have […]

August 2016

“Explain procurement to me and convince me how much it matters…”

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Procurement organisations need a solid reputation to prosper. A reputation for managing costs, managing risks, and managing governance because issues are exposed and exploited faster today than ever before, thanks to advanced communication and social media.

But, as you know, that’s not all procurement organisations do and doesn’t cover the range of real business benefits they can deliver. […]

July 2016

How To Reflect On Your Procurement Journey … And Plan Its Future

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Procurement professionals are instrumental in solving increasingly significant challenges, locally and globally. In our recent Real World Procurement Series Webinar titled From Graduate to CPO: Leadership Career Building in Procurement, Craig Lardner FCIPS outlined his journey from graduate to CPO. With 20 years as a CPO and spend responsibility of $5,000 per minute, non-stop, for 20 years, he provided […]

June 2016

Procurement Professionals: Agents of Change

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Procurement professionals are instrumental in helping to solve increasingly significant challenges, locally and globally. The critical importance they play in the evolution and sustainability of organisations is recognised in the recently published Procurement Salary Guide and Insights 2016.

Agents of Change

Based on the Hays Salary Survey, including responses from 4,000 procurement professionals, this guide provides a […]

May 2016

Technology: Health Means Wealth in Procurement

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According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, health food is defined as food promoted as highly conducive to health or a food that is believed to be good to your health.  Technology, according to Merriam-Webster, is the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area and a manner of accomplishing a task using technical processes, […]